muse_origin.create_masks(line_table, source_table, profile_fwhm, cube_correl, threshold_correl, cube_std, threshold_std, segmap, fwhm, out_dir, *, mask_size=25, min_sky_npixels=100, seg_thres_factor=0.5, fwhm_factor=2, plot_problems=True)[source]

Create the mask of each source.

This function creates the masks and sky masks of the sources in the line table using the origin.source_masks.gen_source_mask function on each source. The primary source masks are created using the cube_correl while the complementary source masks are created using the cube_std.

The cube_correl and cube_std are expected to have the same WCS.

TODO: Implement parallel processing.

line_table: astropy.table.Table

ORIGIN table of lines, this table must contain the columns: ID, x0, y0, z0, comp, and profile.

source_table: astropy.table.Table

ORIGIN table containing the source list. This table is used to get the position of the source.

profile_fwhm: list

List of the profile FWHMs. The index in the list is the profile number.

cube_correl: mpdaf.obj.Cube

Correlation cube where primary sources where detected.

threshold_correl: float

Threshold used for detection of sources in the cube_correl.

cube_std: mpdaf.obj.Cube

STD cube where complementary sources where detected.

threshold_std: float

Threshold used for detection of sources in the STD cube.

segmap: mpdaf.obj.Image

Segmentation map. Must have the same spatial WCS as the cube. The sky must be in segment 0.

fwhm: numpy array of floats

Value of the spatial FWHM in pixels at each wavelength of the detection cube.

out_dir: str

Directory into which the masks will be created.

mask_size: int

Width in pixel for the square masks.

min_sky_npixels: int

Minimum number of sky pixels in the mask.

seg_thres_factor: float

Factor applied to the detection thresholds to get the threshold used for segmentation. The default is to take half of it.

fwhm_factor: float

When creating a source, for each line a disk with a diameter of the FWMH multiplied by this factor is added to the source mask.

plot_problems: bool

If true, the problematic sources will be reprocessed by gen_source_mask in verbose mode to produce various plots of the mask creation process.