Compute_GreedyPCA(cube_in, test, thresO2, …)

Function to compute greedy svd.

Compute_threshold_purity(purity, …[, …])

Compute threshold values corresponding to a given purity.

Correlation_GLR_test(cube, fsf, weights, …)

Compute the cube of GLR test values with the given PSF and dictionary of spectral profiles.

add_tglr_stat(src_table, lines_table, …)

Add TGLR and STD detection statistics to the source and line table.

compute_deblended_segmap(image[, npixels, …])

Compute segmentation map using photutils.

compute_local_max(correl, correl_min, mask)

Compute the local maxima of the maximum correlation and local maxima of minus the minimum correlation distribution.

compute_segmap_gauss(data, pfa[, fwhm_fsf, bins])

Compute segmentation map from an image, using gaussian statistics.

compute_thresh_gaussfit(data, pfa[, bins])

Compute a threshold with a gaussian fit of a distribution.

compute_true_purity(cube_local_max, refcat)

Compute the true purity using a reference catalog.

create_all_sources(cat3_sources, cat3_lines, …)

Create and save a MPDAF source file for each source.

create_masks(line_table, source_table, …)

Create the mask of each source.

create_source(source_id, source_table, …)

Create a MPDAF source.

estimation_line(Cat1, raw, var, psf, wght, …)

Compute the estimated emission line and the optimal coordinates for each detected lines in a spatio-spectral grid.

gen_source_mask(source_id, ra, dec, lines, …)

Generate a mask for the source segmenting the detection cube.

merge_similar_lines(table, \*[, z_pix_threshold])

Merge and flag possibily duplicated lines.

purity_estimation(cat, Pval, Pval_comp)

Function to compute the estimated purity for each line.

spatial_segmentation(Nx, Ny, NbSubcube[, start])

Compute indices to split spatially in NbSubcube x NbSubcube regions.

spatiospectral_merging(tbl, tol_spat, tol_spec)

Perform the spatial and spatio spectral merging.


Return unique source positions in table.


CleanResults(orig, idx, param)

Clean the various results.

ComputeGreedyPCA(orig, idx, param)

Loop on each area and compute the greedy PCA.

ComputePCAThreshold(orig, idx, param)

Loop on each area and estimate the threshold for the PCA.

ComputePurityThreshold(orig, idx, param)

Find the threshold for a given purity.

ComputeSpectra(orig, idx, param)

Compute the estimated emission line and the optimal coordinates.

ComputeTGLR(orig, idx, param)

Compute the cube of GLR test values.

CreateAreas(orig, idx, param)

Creation of areas to split the work.

CreateMasks(orig, idx, param)

Create source masks and sky masks.

Detection(orig, idx, param)

Detections on local maxima from correlation and std cube, and spatial-spectral merging in order to create the first catalog.

ORIGIN(filename[, name, path, loglevel, …])

ORIGIN: detectiOn and extRactIon of Galaxy emIssion liNes

Preprocessing(orig, idx, param)

Preparation of the data for the following steps:

SaveSources(orig, idx, param)

Create the source file for each source.


Step processing status.

Step(orig, idx, param)

Define a processing step.

Class Inheritance Diagram

Inheritance diagram of muse_origin.steps.CleanResults, muse_origin.steps.ComputeGreedyPCA, muse_origin.steps.ComputePCAThreshold, muse_origin.steps.ComputePurityThreshold, muse_origin.steps.ComputeSpectra, muse_origin.steps.ComputeTGLR, muse_origin.steps.CreateAreas, muse_origin.steps.CreateMasks, muse_origin.steps.Detection, muse_origin.origin.ORIGIN, muse_origin.steps.Preprocessing, muse_origin.steps.SaveSources, muse_origin.steps.Status, muse_origin.steps.Step